General software you need to host on the web

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General software you need to host on the web

Post by TDP » Tue Jan 15, 2019 9:04 am

I've noticed that there seems to be an increase in the number of people starting their own web hosting companies.

Many of these are resellers, that resell shared hosting from another provider.

However, there are others that host from a dedicated server so that they have control over every aspect of the server.

Some of the software below is not FOSS unfortunately, but there's not really competitive alternatives at the moment IMO.

For the operating system, a wise choice is CentOS. It's widely supported, and very stable. However, when you resell shared hosting, there's not a super easy way out of the box to control which users can use resources outside of disk/bandwidth quotas.

That is where CloudLinux comes in to play. CloudLinux allows you to essentially jail off the individual users and specify how much CPU/RAM/IOPS/etc they can use. This is very useful to prevent one user from gobbling up all the server resources. It also includes CageFS for additional security. You can find out more about these features here,

As for your users, they'll likely want a GUI panel they can control the aspects of their web hosting service from. IMO the best choice for this right now is still the venerable cPanel. It offers a wide variety of features, such as a built in file manager, with EasyApache 4 the client can choose their own version of PHP easily, and make adjustments to the INI files. It also allows for easy access to Webmail with many different interfaces. There's also a multitude of plugins.

As for the actual web server itself. While Apache is a good free option, Litespeed offers additional speed for a low cost. Litespeed can read existing Apache configuration files, and it also allows for up to 50% better PHP performance.

This is largely the general software you'll need to get started. You can of course choose alternatives to the above, but I feel that these are really the best at what they do for the moment.
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